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What They’re Saying

"I went for a colour consultation with Chelsie as I really struggle to know what colour clothes to buy and I find shopping very stressful. I found the whole experience with Chelsie really positive and very interesting! I felt at ease with Chelsie as she enquired about my needs and desires and, without judgement, she made some great suggestions to help me with clothes and makeup moving forward. With her expert eye and an understanding of my life, Chelsie showed me the colours that work for my skin tone, hair, and eye colour, it was amazing seeing the transformation of how a subtle colour change can make all the difference. I  really enjoyed being taught how to better use and apply make up so that it helps me to look and feel better. I'd thoroughly recommend a colour consultation with Chelsie!"


"I loved my time with Chelsie. She has a talent for understanding colour. I didn't realise there were so many different colours I could actually wear that would suit me. The makeover was timely as I've been wanting to refresh my look. The variety of colours available to suit everyone's skin and colouring is impressive. I would highly recommend her to everyone and anyone!"


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